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Looking into AREDN for Livermore

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Looking into AREDN for Livermore

Hello SF-Bay Meshers,

I'm a newby to this AREDN mesh stuff, but very interested in the possibility of installing a node or two in Livermore or the surrounding area if there is a good place to put one. It seems like a node on the top of one of the buildings downtown would have a fairly good reach in the easter Tri-Valley area - or better yet would be something on the top of Morgan Territories, on a peak near Del Valle, or a peak just west of Pleasanton.  Anyone have any plans for something along those lines? I haven't joined any clubs here since I moved here 3 years ago - probably should do that to get a pulse on AREDN here.

Would you recommend a 2, 3 or 5 GHz Ubiquiti unit? It seems the 2 GHz unit would have a limited life span with crowding and only a couple of channels.

I'm proficient with Python, C and the Raspberry Pi using Twilio, Flask, and Ngrok for text-based control. It would be interesting to couple that with a node somewhere. I'm just testing the waters now.... I was looking into 900 MHz LoRaWAN since the power consumption can be very low, albeit short bursts of data. However, that has a way to go in this area as there's not many nodes, it's not a mesh, and there's no confirmation that a message is received. It's interesting though.

Dave K3GX

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Welcome, check out

Welcome Dave.  Livermore would be a great spot to create a mesh island.  I have a fellow ham friend who lives there and I’ve been trying to get him happening.  I know of another ham in Tracy who wants to get a mesh group started.
Go to and check out the San Joaquin Valley Mesh Group for an example of what could be done.  I’ve been a member for just a year now and they are a very active group.  The Backbone is 5.8 Ghz and you may want to consider that over 900Mhz.  There is some interest in Stanislaus County ARES to begin a mesh island there but I haven’t seen the critical mass gather.
And finally, if you want to create a mobile infrastructure capability (2.4 Ghz & 5.8 Ghz) you could join this meetup group which has also just turned into an official ARRL Amateur Radio Club called Land Ops.  I run the Northern California chapter.  YouTube search “Land Ops Mesh Off The Grid”

Livermore 2.4 GHz Node


A 2.4 GHz node just went up downtown on 2nd St.  I'll mark in on the map but it's at "The Switch".  There are about 6 of us working to get nodes up and yours will be appreciated.  AD6KV-RG

We have a technical group meeting at The Switch / Robot Garden (meet up) Tuesdays at 7PM.

The Livermore Amateur Radio Klub is active -


My node is up in Pleasanton...

Aredn Node
AP model: Powerbeam M2 400 dish antenna
Frequency: 2.4
Channel: -2
Channel Width: 10 Mhz
Software Version:
Node Output Power: 28dBm
Antenna: Built in Dish 400 MM
Memory: 64 MB DDR2
Antenna Pattern: Dish Directional
Antenna Gain: 18 dBi
Antenna Height: 20 feet
Location: Valley Trails (Near Pleasanton DMV & Pleasanton Sports Park)
Location GPS : 37.6776063 -121.9088418
City: Pleasanton
Node Call sign: KK6FFZ-Pleasanton-DMV
Airlink Planning software:
Heading: 85.02°
Magnetic Heading: 71.76° (Towards Robot Garden)
Tilt: 0.2°




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K3GX is near Portola and North Livermore.   Is that reachable by you?
Orv W6BI
node update Pleasanton
updated my hardware; details above.
Anything new in Livermore? Got an Hap Ac lite setup today to play with tunnels and services.

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