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Long-standing AREDN bug squashed

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Long-standing AREDN bug squashed

Many of you have seen the long-standing issue of an AREDN node upon rebooting, broadcasting only its IP address rather than hostname plus IP address.  It's far more common with newer hardware with faster CPUs than older gear.  An OLSR restart via the Advanced Configuration tab would fix it, but it was really annoying.  It was suspected to be a timing issue but was never resolved - until now.

New AREDN coder KN6PLV with guidance from AREDN Dev AE6XE, ably assisted by fearless beta tester K6CCC, went through a couple of iterations of the code before squashing this bug completely.  So if you have a newer piece of hardware that exhibits this bug, nightly build 648 is for you!

Go forth and patch :-)


Orv W6BI

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