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Lompoc & Santa Maria/Orcutt Valleys

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Lompoc & Santa Maria/Orcutt Valleys

For those in the Lompoc Valley, Santa Maria/Orcutt Valley and 5-Cities, there are new high level 5 GHz sector nodes covering these areas.   The Lompoc node is at 1550' Gravel Peak looking north.   The Santa Maria/Orcutt node is at Orcutt/Newlove Hill looking north.     A yet to be linked test NSM5 node looking NW has also been set up in North Santa Maria on a 7 story building.   Pismo Heights (SLO County) now has a sector looking south.       
Next efforts are RF linking north to SLO county in addition to RF linking SE via Santa Ynez Or Broadcast Peak.
Also in work is a 5 GHz south facing sector node on Harris Grade East to cover Mesa Oaks, Mission Hills and south Lompoc Valley.      

Many thanks to Orv W6BI for his patient help and training noobs on node and hAP setups!          

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