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Local Mesh Repository?

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Local Mesh Repository?

Hi All,

I'm sure some of you have thought of this before, but would it be feasible to try an host a local copy of the firmware repository on a local mesh? My thinking was that I'd prefer not to share my internet connection across the mesh, but still want to be able to keep the nodes up-to-date. Along that thinking... I wondered about putting a Raspberry Pi server on a mesh node that is connected to the internet (likely my tunnel node) and have it rSync with the AREDN repository and offer up any/all packages available to all nodes on the mesh.

Thoughts, questions & suggestions are appreciated.

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Local Mesh Repository

Well, I kinda do something like that.  I have laptop computers at each MESH site and I use Google Drive to store all of the firmware updates as well as a host of other things.  That way I have multiple options available for updates.

Most of the time, I am able to perform MESH firmware updates over the system from a remote location, but it's handy to have the files available on the local computer mostly to perform updates on that computer.

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