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load balancing (?)

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load balancing (?)
A question came up regarding increasing throughput between two endpoints. The obvious answer is to increase throughput increase S/N and/or increase channel width.

Here's or scenario. We are currently operating a 2.4 GHz mesh network in the field supporting a major bicycling event. We have two cameras connecting to one node feeding through a single node to a another node with a recorder. There is no redundant path between these two endpoints. Can the throughput be increased by adding a redundant path (node) between the two endpoints? One person here says that OLSR would know to detect the loads and split the data between the two paths. I don't agree be living that OLSR will always choose the best single path, with all else being equal, will always be the same path for all the data.

Can someone confirm what will happen in this scenario? Thanks!

Bob, W7REJ
Increasing throughput
Let's change the subject to increasing throughput.
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The route tables only route
The route tables only route traffic to one next hop at a give time for traffic destined to a give IP address.  OLSR only updates the routing definitions to what it determines is the best path.  Traffic is not split per se to different paths going to a given IP address, although the route can change to a different path over time.

AREDN is a 'mesh' at the IP routing layer.   There's no mesh protocols affecting traffic down at the RF layer with our use of 802.11 adhoc mode.   If there was, then maybe traffic would behave as your buddy suggests.


Thanks, Joe,  for confirming
Thanks, Joe,  for confirming my understanding, but with better detail. I explained this to the young man (17 yo wiz). He's sharp and still learning.
I see. I was hoping that OLSR
I see. I was hoping that OLSR would factor load on a node into the routing decision, so if on 2 nodes at the same site one had 100% CPU usage and the other had 0%, the latter would be preferred for new connections. However, I see this is not the case. Thanks for the info!

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