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Linux (Ubuntu), NAT, DNS resolution hints?

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Linux (Ubuntu), NAT, DNS resolution hints?
Hi all -- can someone provide some hints, or pointers to a document, which would describe how to best configure a Linux box to property resolve DNS names from *.local.mesh?

The limitation is that I am running in NAT mode on my home network (due to 2 dozen or so machines which do not want to be on the 10.x network, need for Internet from this Linux mesh-connected service node, etc.).

My Windows machines are property configured to (mostly) resolve DNS (though I must say it's not 100% reliable). They are pointing at the 192.168 side of my local Ubiquiti NB2 as the priority DNS server. I haven't figured out the correct way to do this on Linux.

Anyway, might be a simple answer.  I have puzzled over setting up BIND9 to add the 10.x.x.x network for local.mesh, but I'm missing something in getting that to work property -- appreciate any specific pointers or hints. 

Bonus for Ubuntu specific configuration ;-)



see the name server section  for dns-search and dns-nameservers settings
Thanks... ended up adding my
Thanks... ended up adding my gateway node (Ubiquiti) to /etc/resolv.conf/resolv.conf.d/base


(dunno if that' sthe kosher thing to do... but it worked).

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