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Linux Developer Needed

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Linux Developer Needed

The AREDN Dev Team is looking for a Linux developer who can create a RaspberryPi image that contains all the requisite services and configuration (ie. DHCP, TFTP, etc.) which can be used to load AREDN applications onto Mikrotik devices.  An image (.img) of the completed R-Pi would be made available for users to download.  

Interested developers wouldn't need to know anything about the intricacies of the MikroTik device, only the Pi and Linux.  What language and dev environment you use is entirely up to you.

Interested parties who are technically qualified should contact me at <callsign>

Andre, K6AH

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I know Pi, Linux, Networking,

I know Pi, Linux, Networking, and a hodge-podge of random... if this is still needed. Is the idea to set up a separate/dedicated provisioning network to make it easy to flash devices? I may be able to help here. 

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knowledge of pi-gen is a plus

knowledge of pi-gen is a plus...

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