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Linphone Problem

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Linphone Problem
I am unable to make Linphone work now. It used to work some time ago, but I don't remember what all may have changed.
I have Linphone running in 2 PCs in my shack.  Windows XP.
If I connect them together via a switch connected to the internet, Linphone works fine between them.
But if I connect the switch instead to my tower node, Linphone has no audio, only 1-way slow video, and disconnects after about 30 seconds.
If I connect the switch to a different mesh node in the shack, Linphone works fine.
The tower node is a Rocket M2 XM.  
The shack node is a Nanostation M2 XM.
Both are at
I tried turning off the firewalls in both PCs. No change.
I tried removing Meshchat from the tower node.  No change.

What could be wrong with the tower node, or what am I doing wrong?
The ethernet cable to the tower is long, but I don't think greater than 100 meters.
The tower node works fine in other respects.


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Linphone Problem
Not sure if this is the same issue, but close.
The Linphone app on my Win 10 pro PC dials my Grandstream phone, but no in-bound audio to the PC from the Grandstream GXP-1628.
Audio from PC to phone is OK.
After 30 seconds the Grandstream cuts the call off.
The Grandstream is connected to a NanoStation M2 for an IP address and mesh connectivity. The PC connects to the hAP ac.
Calls to and from the Grandstream work ok going thru hAP ac WiFi from my cell phone (WiFi)
The NanoStation and hAP see each other in the mesh.
Don , KM4DC
Linphone problem
Can someone who is successfully using Linphone on the mesh please tell me what Linphone settings
you ae using?  I make calls with the syntax  sip:ipaddressoftheothernode


I was working with Linphone
I was working with Linphone today and learned a few things:
  • In the network settings, I had to disable the Allow IPv6 check box (off) and disable the Random Port box (off)
  • I'm dialing with sip:IPCall@10.X.X.X
  • Using the iPhone version of Linphone, I sometimes get "IO Error" right after it has worked fine.  Dialing out on the iPhone results in no audio heard on my Grandstream device.  Dialing into the iPhone from the Grandstream phone works fine.
  • The Android version of Linphone doesn't give me either of the above problems.
Hope that helps.

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Linphone on iPhone and Android don't really have issues
I actually never thought of using Linphone on a Windows PC, but I can say that I use it regularly on my iPhone through the iPhone app (client) and on my Android Galaxy S7.
I tap in the dialing window and use the following dialing sequence when the keypad comes up:
sip:"IP address of phone I'm calling with periods"
IE: "sip:" and then hit the 'Join' button and the call goes through.
Sometime the iPhone has only one-way audio for the very first time you call an IP, but then when you call that same IP further or when they call you back it seems to be fine. No problems at all with Android app/client.
-Damon K9CQB
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The other end can't hear me

I have my andriod phone configured with Linphone and using a hotspot connected through the mesh network we have in my area.  We use a pbx so other voip box hotspots are also used in our network.  I can dial out successfully to one of the other voip phones in the network and can hear them, but they can't hear me through my andriod phone.  What do I need to adjust to make the two way connection work.

--David KD7DHO

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