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LigoWave PTP 5-N Unity Equipment with Mimo Dishes

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LigoWave PTP 5-N Unity Equipment with Mimo Dishes

Greetings from Mossel Bay South Africa

I optained 12 x second hand LigoWave PTP 5-N Unity devices with 65cm mimo Dishes and fitting brackets.  I see that it is mainly used for PTP backhaul links.  Can these devices be used for anything relating to AREDN?  Obviously it will not accept AREDN firmware at this stage.  Would be a pity if there is no use for these units iro AREDN.

Any comments for possible use will be appreciated.

Johan ZS1I
Mossel Bay

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Hi Johan,

Hi Johan,
OpenWRT does not list ANY Ligowave devices that they support.   I briefly looked to see what kind of CPU this device uses but could not find any detail.   If it is not an Atheros chipset, then, there is not much luck in getting it supported.

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The dishes are great for Rocket M5 or BaseBox5

I don't know much about the radio, but they use a proprietary modulation with 2x2 MIMO. So those dishes would be great for any 2x2 MIMO 5GHz equipment. The radios themselves you may have to sell on ebay, because AREDN compatibility may be too much of a stretch.

-Damon K9CQB

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