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LHG Dish cannot load firmware

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LHG Dish cannot load firmware
I and another ham each have a pair of dish nodes.  LHG XL says on the label.  We have been unable to get a firmware to load except once.  
We use PXE server and that has worked for other Microtic hAP we have.up and meshing.

1.Setup laptop with static and turn off wireless. runs thru switch.
2.start PXE and it sees the ip .of 20.
3. Set rb.elf file to load on PXE
4. Press dish reset and powerup.
5. wait 10 minutes.
6. Set laptop for dhcp.
Unable to find the dish on or

First dish loaded ok and could see Aredn image so I changed node name and password then saved changes and it rebooted.  I could not get into it again to load the other file.  It did give a message on the first boot of untested hardware.  This is using the normal download files for this unit.  We also tried nightly build but it was no different.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Are you loading both images before configuring?

On step #4 in your list above, are you pressing and holding the reset button on the node while powering on the PoE?  Then I assume you continue to hold the reset button until you see TFTPd: DoReadFile: rb.elf  in the Tiny PXE log window?  I assume that's what you've already done.

When the radio boots the rb.elf image it gives you just enough functionality to go directly to so you can load the full firmware image (sysupgrade.bin).  I couldn't tell from your last paragraph whether that's what you did.  If you boot the rb.elf and then immediately enter a nodename and password, the radio doesn't actually have the full firmware image yet.  Here are the exact steps in the online docs:

LHG Dish cannot load firmware
I ended up reloading RouterOS and then all went well.  I originally did not load both images before I configured but did the second time and all went well.  Thanks for the support.

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