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LHG-2nD-XL default IP

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LHG-2nD-XL default IP
I got a new MikroTik RBLHG-2nD-XL with OS: RouterOS v6.40.9.
The default IP is
Some of the instructions to load AREDN software for this device may need to consider an extra step to change the default address on the device, or the PC network address.

Having said this, I have not been able to get the AREDN firmware to stick even getting the addressing correct.
I can get to the initial AREDN screen sometimes, but the node returns to its MikroTik fw after a reboot.
I've tried the 3.19 and the nightly build 1022.
R/ Don, KM4DC
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LHG-2nD-XL default IP
Are you using a "dumb switch" in between your comptuer and the device?  There is a 2nd step to load the firmware image after loading the .elf file.  Sounds like you are missing that 2nd step, as the .elf image resides in RAM and isn't permanently stored until you load the upgrade file.  Be sure to clear your browser cache in between firmware loads.
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LHG-2nD-XL default IP
Thanks for the suggestions.
I'm checking my steps using 2 different checklist, but I'm certainly doing something wrong.
I've converted a number of MikroTik devices OK, but this is my first time with the LHG RB.
Yep, I do have a dumb switch in the mix.
I'll try clearing the browser.
R/Don, KM4DC
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LHG-2nD-XL default IP success

OK, I got it loaded.
Before I started I cleared the browser cache and turned off firewall and anti-virus.
I used nightly build: aredn-1022-412a1e5-mikrotik-rb-nor-flash-16M-sysupgrade

Here are the (short form) steps I used.
1. Connect PC to LHG via hub or similar device.
2. Set the PC IP to or whatever the default IP is for your LHG. The default IP was in the LHG instructions.
3. Power up the LHG.
4. Change the LHG2XL default address to /24
5. Set the PC IP to something in that net space; i.e., /24.
6. Prepare PXE server as usual to load the rb.elf file.
6a. Set PXE to Online and power down the LHG.
7. Before applying power to the LHG, hold the reset until after PXE delivers the elf.
8. Hopefully, on reboot, you get the 1st of the AREDN pages.
9. Use the AREDN "Upload Firmware" on the ADMIN page to load the corresponding bin file.
10. Change PC IP to DHCP.
11. After reboot, performed the usual AREDN node config steps.

R/Don. KM4DC

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I just flashed another LHG-2nD-XL last night no issues.
I fly out tomorrow, but when I return in a week I can flash that for you. I use Ubuntu 16.04 and dnsmasq to flash these things. I have a lot of issues with the hAP-ac-lite devices recently, but eventually I get them. ANy other MikroTik flashes right away, though, including the LHG-2nD and LDF-2 devices.

-Damon K9CQB
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LHG-2nD-XL default IP success
Thanks for the offer but I got it working on the AREDN 1022 nightly build.
Not sure why it took so many tries. Aside from the default IP, it was basically the same steps in many of the instructions out there.
Once the elf loaded, I used the AREDN loader in ADMIN.
The problem I was having was after PXE appeared to have loaded the elf, the unit would come back with its MikroTik load on either IP (that I set) or its original default  Maybe something about holding down the  reset?
I think this is the first MikroTik with the default I've had.  But I got that changed at first boot (I actually read the instructions, but don't tell).
Appreciate the offer.
R/Don, KM4DC

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