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Let's Connect Massachusetts: Coordinating Nodes and Supernodes

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Let's Connect Massachusetts: Coordinating Nodes and Supernodes

Hello Massachusetts AREDN Enthusiasts,

It's an exciting time for our community! With our dedicated forum now established, we have a fantastic opportunity to strengthen and expand our network across the state. Our first order of business? Coordinating nodes and supernodes to ensure robust, efficient, and comprehensive coverage.

Whether you're a seasoned amateur radio operator or new to the AREDN scene, your participation is crucial. We're looking to connect towns, cities, and rural areas, enhancing our network's resilience and capacity. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Node Operators: If you currently operate a node or are interested in setting one up, let's chat. Sharing your location and capabilities can help us map our existing infrastructure and identify critical gaps.

  • Supernode Planning: For those in strategic locations or with the capability to host a supernode, your contribution could significantly impact our network's performance. Supernodes serve as vital hubs, and we need to plan them carefully to maximize coverage and connectivity.

  • Collaboration and Support: Even if you're not ready to host a node or supernode, there are plenty of ways to contribute. From technical support to spreading the word, every effort counts.

Here's what we're aiming for:

  • A comprehensive map of our current nodes and proposed supernodes.
  • A coordinated effort to fill coverage gaps and enhance network resilience.
  • A collaborative environment where knowledge and resources are freely shared.

Next Steps:

  1. Introduce Yourself: Drop a reply below with your location and how you're currently involved with AREDN or how you'd like to contribute.
  2. Mapping Our Network: We'll start compiling a map based on your input. This will be an ongoing project and your feedback will be invaluable.
  3. Regular Meetups: Let's consider setting up regular online meetups to discuss progress, share updates, and tackle challenges together.

This is more than just about building a network; it's about creating a community that's ready to support each other and our broader communities in times of need. Let's make the Massachusetts AREDN network a model of collaboration and innovation.

Looking forward to your thoughts, introductions, and enthusiasm.

Cheers to our collective success, KN4TLV

Tyler, good to see a forum post started for Massachusetts.  Seeing you previously hail from Ohio per your QRZ page, I too made my way to Massachusetts from Ohio many years ago.
In general, the Central and Eastern MA buildout for AREDN is progressing.   Being located in Western Massachusetts with hills and mountains, a lot of RF to RF communication for AREDN has been limited.  We have had presentations from Orv Beach W6BI to various Massachusetts clubs to stimulate the interest in AREDN.which is picking up.   Thank you Orv.

I began planting the AREDN seed in September 2023, and am working with other interested ARES members in establishing AREDN nodes.  (Check the AREDN map to see what we have so far).  Recently, like 2024-0313, we established phone trunking over AREDN to Chuck Gelm NC8Q back to Ohio, and support N2MH's Meshphone over AREDN for the 413 area code.

It sounds like you are taking the leadership role in getting the spark going!

73'  Mike - KC1IZC
Good morning Tyler. I am glad to see more interest in Massachusetts. We have been slowly trying to Get AREDN going out here. I am located in the berkshires, myself and our local club Nobarc have started To do some AREDN nodes. There some zoom meetings happening with rib leiden k1ui. I look forward to meeting and planning with you. Cory N1XWS
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Hello Everyone,

First off, I want to express my sincere thanks to KC1IZC, N1XWS, and all who have shown interest and contributed to our growing AREDN network here in Massachusetts. It's heartening to see such enthusiasm and commitment to enhancing our communications infrastructure.

I've been considering ways to further expand our network and engage more members of our community, especially those who may not yet be as familiar with AREDN or those looking for assistance to get started. To that end, I propose a couple of initiatives:

  1. Supporting Older Ham Operators: We recognize the wealth of knowledge and experience that older ham radio operators bring to our community. However, we also understand that the technological aspects of AREDN might be a barrier for some. Let's offer our support by recommending appropriate equipment and volunteering our time to assist with firmware flashing. This not only helps in expanding our network but also ensures that no one is left behind due to technological challenges.

  2. Collaborating with Ham Radio Clubs: Another avenue to explore is partnering with local ham radio clubs, particularly in setting up AREDN nodes alongside their club repeaters. The strategic placement of AREDN antennas, especially in diverse locations and aimed in various directions, linked up through DTD, can significantly enhance our network's coverage and resilience. By working with these clubs, we can tap into existing infrastructure and expertise, fostering a stronger, more interconnected community.

I believe these initiatives will not only expand our network's capabilities but also strengthen the bonds within our ham radio community. I encourage everyone to reach out to local clubs and operators who might benefit from or contribute to these efforts. Your connections and local knowledge are invaluable to making these initiatives a success.

Let's discuss how we can collectively implement these ideas, and perhaps we can dedicate some time during our next online meetup to strategize and assign tasks.

Looking forward to your thoughts and further suggestions.

Best, KN4TLV

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More the merrier!

As mentioned, there is currently a nascent effort to establish a mesh in Massachusetts currently being led by Rob, K1UI.

Right now, we have the NH mesh that has just reached down into into Haverhill last month and also the WA1USA mesh from RI which is spreading into the Massachusetts portion of the Blackstone Valley. I have also found that there are some old (BBHN Era) nodes in Marshfield and Bridgewater repeater sites. 

Currently the group is looking for a 501c3 to leverage to get ARDC funding. We mostly coordinate through the nemesh list on

I have a  Mesh Map of the nodes that are connected to the WA1USA mesh and also have latitude and longitude on their nodes. But... the forum seems to be choking on the photo. Let me try to find a spot to host it. 

Ben, N1WBV

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the forum seems to be choking on the photo
Hi, Ben:

IIRC, images may not be more pixels than 600x600.
Your image was 1216x1687.
Here is your image reduced to 432x600 with the same aspect.
This post's image may self-destruct sometime after Ben views it. ;-)
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Let us try x572 pixels...

3s, Chuck

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Yeah, I was trying to do the
Yeah, I was trying to do the "remote hosted image scaled and enlarge on click" but it kept on blowing up the image to full size on preview. ::sighs:: I pine for the days of vBulletin.
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Yeah, I was trying to do the
Hi, Ben:

I have no knowledge of anything you mentioned in your post.
I have no knowledge of "remote hosted image scaled and enlarge on click".
I have no knowledge of 'vBulletin'.
Hopefully your post will help others.

73, Chuck

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I have tried to embed this map into the post about 8 different ways. I give up. Here is a link to the map.

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