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LEDs on Rocket M5

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LEDs on Rocket M5

I noted that the 3rd LED is no more signaling the linked condition. It's randomly lit and or blinking. and so not suitable to help to aim the antenna at the neighbor. Am I right?

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AREDN node antenna aiming: old .vs. new

Hi, Leo:
I suggest that you use the aiming tool built into the GUI.
Add or setup an existing node at the site as an Access Point.
Use the Wi-Fi on your mobile phone to connect to the Access Point.
Use your mobile phone's browser to view the Rocket M5's GUI.
Click 'Charts'.
Enable 'Sound On'.
Put your mobile phone in your shirt packet.
Now you can listen with hands and eyes free to aim the antenna.
73, Chuck


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AREDN node antenna aiming: old .vs. new

Thanks Chuck, but I was already aware of the method you suggest. My point was another. During an emergency, having to deploy
a new node, it was enough to send an operator with little networking knowledge and just tell him: Turn on the node, aim the
antenna towards the neighbor node until the red LED lights up and you're done. Now, however, I have to send an operator with
good networking knowledge.
In my opinion, one of the salient features of AREDN is missing, making it easy to deploy a new node.
Of course this is only my modest opinion.

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