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LBE-5AC-Gen2-US: Incorrect firmware version

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LBE-5AC-Gen2-US: Incorrect firmware version
New LBE-5AC-Gen2-US arrived today.
It is version WA.V8.7.11

I tried to downgrade as per Documentation with WA.V8.7.0:
Device displayed:

Incorrect firmware version.
Please upload v8.7.4 or newer and try again.

I obtained WA.V8.7.4 from:
and loaded it on the LBE-5AC-Gen2-US.
I, again, tried to upload WA.V8.7.0 and received the same error message:

Incorrect firmware version.
Please upload v8.7.4 or newer and try again.

I continued with the installation using v8.7.4

ssh admin@
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

Next I tried:
ssh -oHostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-rsa -oPubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms=+ssh-rsa admin@
admin@'s password:

Succcess so far.

WA# hexdump -Cv /bin/ubntbox | sed 's/14 40 fe 27/00 00 00 00/g' | hexdump -R > /tmp/fwupdate.real

WA# chmod +x /tmp/fwupdate.real
WA# /tmp/fwupdate.real -m /tmp/factory.bin
Invalid Image MAGIC ''V'


73, Chuck

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Chuck, the AREDN docs say in your case should be downloaded.  Is that what you have?

Also, you don't say that you used scp to copy the AREDN factory bin file over to the node.  Did you maybe miss that step?

Orv W6BI
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Hi, Orv:

Thanks for the post.
I took the weekend off and started over stepping through the documentation.
I had left the LBE-5ac-Gen2 powered up with RouterOS 8.7.4 over the weekend.
I started with the scp of the aredn firmware.
I stepped through the instructions, this time using Nightly 20240325.
Got this one going. :-)
Working on the other one.
Got 2.
These were 'Test date: 2/23/23' and came with RouterOS WA.v8.7.11.
They did not accept downgrade to 8.7.0.

IMHO, very funky mount hardware. :-(


3s, Chuck


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