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Latest Nightly Build 1036

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Latest Nightly Build 1036
Nightly Build 1036 is a bit of a milestone for the development team. It's the first version to be completely free of the Perl language and all the libraries that support it. If you intend to install it, check it closely and post any bugs. Note, Perl versions are no longer available for screen comparisons as they have been the last few weeks. Have at it! Looking forward to your comments. The AREDN Team
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Loaded on AR750 and it goes
Loaded on AR750 and it goes fast... image is about 2M less then stable... great advantage for low memory devices!!!
Great job, guys!!!!!!!1

73 de Leo IZ5FSA
proof of concept maybe?
for no particular reason I have nightly 1042-ad78e07 on an old Bullet M2 XM

seems to work fine.. 

Richard    ko0ooo
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1042 has a minor tweak to fix an issue with something that almost no one notices :-)   But it builds on 1036 so you're good to go.

Orv W6BI
thanks for the info, Orv

Richard    ko0ooo
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problems with TP-LINK CPE220 V2 and 1042

I tried aredn-1042-ad78e07-ath79-generic-tplink_cpe220-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin on my TP-Link 220-v2 and it loaded ok except for the wan ports.
They had no addresses and of course could not be accessed.
I have attached the support data.
I reloaded  aredn- again ok no problem.
Hope this information may be of use to you.
I flashed my microtik  ac lite  and  glinet gl-ar150  ok with 1042 ok no problems.

Bricked CPE210

After loading nightly build 1070, I'm unable to save any settings. I've attached a screen capture of the errors. Using Win 10 pro. I'm also unable to load the TP-Link recover file to restore the node to factor settings.

Configuration Not Saved!

usr/bin/lua: /usr/lib/lua/aredn/hardware.lua:76: attempt to compare string with number stack traceback:
usr/lib/lua/aredn/hardware.lua:76: in function 'wifi_maxpower' /usr/local/bin/node-setup:452: in main chunk [C]: ?


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A fix is forthcoming

Thanks for the catch/post.  We believe we've fixed this and will be coming out in the next nightly.


Bricked CPE210
Thank you Andre!
1079 fixed the problem! Thanks to the DEV team and anyone else involved.

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