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Latest IperfSpeed

Trying to load IperfSpeed onto my new WBS210 i found that the packages mentioned in the forum for iperfspeed 3.5 and 3.7 don't work,  From what i can tell, the iperf binary is there but it is missing the web interface.  I think this used to be a separate package but is no longer on the package servers for the latest AREDN releases.  If you are just upgrading an existing install, I suppose it will work. But not for a new install. 

In the forum I found "iperfspeed_0.5.1_all.ipk" and installed that. That seems to install what is missing.



Iperfspeed is a 3rd party app

Iperfspeed is a third party app created by Trevor K7FPV, so it's not in the standard AREDN repository.  It's a web frontend for the standard iperf3 package which is available in the standard AREDN repository.  Trevor has a website here, and a GitHub site for IperfSpeed here, and his pre-built package (ipk file) is available for download here.  The AREDN online docs have a How To section specifically for iperf here.

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