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LAN IP address assignments

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LAN IP address assignments

Looking to start building out the backbone across Maine this year. One of the first use cases will be connecting Yaesu Fusion repeaters that have the LAN cards. The repeaters will be co-located with the AREDN nodes/switches and directly cabled on the AREDN LAN. The IP's must be static (no DHCP, this is a Yaesu thing :( ). Looking to the future when a AREDN node fails and needs to be replaced we don't want to have to re-IP the repeaters. Any options to keep the same ip address ranges when swapping out a bad AREDN node? Any other thoughts?.. What have others done?

Per the AREDN Doc:
The mesh address space is automatically managed, so you cannot configure the LAN network settings in Direct mode. The only configurable option available in Direct mode is the size of the LAN subnet which can accommodate either 1, 5, 13, or 29 LAN hosts.


Did you get something figured
Did you get something figured out? I ran into a similar issue mixing AREN and standard WiFi. My best guess is have the node DHCP assign the address and reserve it. But I don't think that makes replacing the node later keep the same address.

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