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Kenwood TM-D710G and Winlink

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Kenwood TM-D710G and Winlink

I am working to get our Winlink up and running for our SkyWarn office.  Am looking at the Kenwood TM-D710G with it's built in TNC.  So far cannot find any definitive evidence of anyone actually using this radio for winlink.  Can anyone please confirm that the 710 will work with Winlink and Airmail?  It would appear that just connecting the cable from the head unit to PC via the PG-5G cable and serial adapter is all that is needed.  Is the extra cable that comes with the PG-5H necessary for Winlink/Airmail? Any other info on this subject would be greatly appreciated before I put the requisition in for the radio.

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I have used my tmd710 for

I have used my tmd710 for peer to peer winlink. I made my own cable but you are correct. The audio cables are for echo link which I also tried a few years ago. Great radio I have two of them, one mobile and one in the shack in a emcomm case.

Kenwood TM-D710G and Winlink

This is an excellent choice for WINLINK.  I have used with great success for over a year, no problems.  You need two cables.  One connects between your computer headphone & mic jacks to the radio.  The second cable connects to the computer USB and the radio.  My first setup worked just fine with all settings at default.   I had some weird problems at first, ferrite chokes on both ends of both cables fixed that permanently.  HS data and RF are not good neighbors.

This little TNC will work with any radio that has a mic jack.  Very small, Bluetooth to your computer, and cables for most radios.  We use these in ARES WINLINK Go-Kit.

Kenwood TM-D710G and Winlink

We are using the Kenwood TM-D710G radio as a WINLINK Gateway at our new repeater.  See the setup  HERE

Harry, ...

.. there is even a setting in Winlink Packet for the D710. 

All you need is USB-K5G cable either from
RT Systems
or Amazon
( Valley Enterprises version is not compatible with RT Systems, but works really well for programming the radio with Kenwood software and accessing the TNC)

You plug the USB side into the PC.
Plug the 8 pin accessory plug in the back of the head unit of the D710 labeled COM (NOT in the main body, that is the programming port).
Start a Winlink Packet or Packet P2P session.
Pick the D710 from the dropdown menu.
Pick the correct Serial Port for your USB cable.
Change the Maximum frames to 2.
Click OK.
Pick a frequency and you are off to the races.

Good forums for these questions are!forum/winlink-programs-group!forum/winlink_for_emcomm

Oliver K6OLI

D 710

We use the D 710 G in our Burnbay EOC and IC 7300 with a USB SCS-PTC tnc. I have the RT system plug into the head of the D 710 as that is where the TNC resides. Using Winlink Express > Open Packet Session  > Setup. I have setup band A for Digital (Your setup maybe Band B) using baud 9600. Once side does voice the other digital packet. IC 7300 we use the sound card for Winmor, ARDOP and Vara. The Pactor points to the USB SCS-PTC tnc 

Hope this helps

Don va7dgp

Kenwood TM-D710G and Winlink

The D710 is our radio of choice and we use them across our area for Winlink. They work perfectly. And, as mentioned, there are even settings in the Winlink Session Window to specifically select and configure the D710G for both A and B channel operations.

Piece of cake.

Good luck,

Kent, KL5T Anchorage, Alaska

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