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K0CDF-0 mesh node Santa Cruz

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K0CDF-0 mesh node Santa Cruz


I have apparently put up the first 2.4ghz mesh node in Santa Cruz.

k0cdf-0 is up on the roof at my address on my call sign registration
I have a ubiquity airMAX rocket m2 (XW) base station & Omni 2.4GHz, 10DBi Antenna

I installed and turned on the tunnel server is someone wants to tunnel to me
my tunnel DNS name is "" is my homelab website hosted at my house in my homelab rack

I have 2 raspberry pi's in my mesh node's LAN. I have a pi 4 2gb and a pi 3 b+.
the 3b+ is running meshchat.
the api is installed on the mesh node and the service is advertised.
it has a 64gb sd card so there is some room for file uploads and chat history.

my mesh node has a wan connection but I don't have mesh access to my wan enabled.
I would have to change a lot of stuff around in my homelab rack in order to be able to firewall it properly for part 97 compliance

look forward to hearing from y'all

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