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Just an idea - or a dream?

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Just an idea - or a dream?
Dear all

Let me dream for a minute:

Imagine there's an emergency situation in the area, power and internet are gone. Community- and organizational leaders meet at the emergency center. They connect their notebooks to a switch, behind we provide our AREDN network. We talk about non-HAM's and they just expect to be able to work as usual and start their e-mail client, e.g. outlook. The programs try to fetch data from the respective mail server, e.g. for or Of course these servers are not reachable, because the internet is down...

What if a software in the AREDN network would capture such connection requests, automatically create a "mirror account" for each "calling" account in an email server like e.g. citadel and simulate that the respective servers are that could exchange emails with the users having to change anything in their email client? What do you think, is this feasible (or does something like this already exist)?

Waiting for your comments.

Kind regards,
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Dam near impossible - and a good thing
Damn near impossible without reconfiguring E-Mail clients.  At the very least the "fake" server would not know account information so users could not log into the server.  That's just the first of MANY issues.

If you were to be able to get around the account issues - that would leave a MASSIVE security hole.
yeah, that's what I thought.
yeah, that's what I thought. Would be quite impressive for the people, just plug in the network cable and everything works as usual - but this remains a dream then.

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