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Jitsi-meet or similar browser based video meeting?

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Jitsi-meet or similar browser based video meeting?

I have TeamTalk up and running, but it occurred to me that a browser based meeting platform would be far easier to people to use during a real emergency situation. 

I searched around and Jitsi-meet looked very promising, but it requires an SSL certificate to be installed. I might be able to set it up, but I'd much prefer to either find a work around or another option that wouldn't require it. BigBlueButton also requires SSL. Does anyone have any ideas about an application or service that will work well for this?

To head off any concern about encryption and FCC rules, this is incidental to the service provided and I would LOVE to avoid it if it's possible to provide the service without it. 


I think would be great.  It is open source to peer to peer mesh and multi platform (mobiles and desktops) supports chat, video, audio, conferences, and desktop sharing.

It is 'serverless', no central server is required.  I'm new to aredn, and I don't know if each device can be assigned a real ip without NAT, otherwise uPnP on the router needs to be enabled, or TURN servers might be needed to traverse NAT. See for more info.


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We tested jitsi briefly and besides the SSL issue, I don't believe we found a way to crank down the occupied video bandwidth.  Admittedly we didn't do thorough testing, since we already have Teamtalk running.    If someone discovers a browser-based platform where you could manage video parameters, we'd certainly take a look at it.

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Once a session is started,

Once a session is started, you can drop the performance settings. I don't know exactly what they drop to but there are 4 levels. Left being no video and right being best quality.
I've got it running at home and can work it directly (PC connected to HAP. Phone connnected to HAP wifi) If I go directly to the pi ip all works. If I go through the services, I don't get vid or audio (they're not turning on) and the session drops me after about a min. The directions mentioned port forwarding but i didn't think that was needed on the LAN side.

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