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Italy chapter

Hi guys... or Hi OMs!!!

I've deployed latest on all my nodes except one who is locked in 3.0.2 because it is not easily reachable...

You can see them on the net 'cause I'm tunneled with AE5CA.

IR5UBN-NODE (NS2M) is on the hill and IZ5FSA-LINK (NSL2M) is outside my home. IZ5FSA-NODE (NSL2M) is in the shack and all works fine with 10MHz band on channel 8 2,4GHz. I've planned to deploy 2 more nodes at my Local Radio Club and at out repeater location. Probably another NS2M and a Bullet with a big vertical on it.

Then I've had to make other portable links to study coverage over the township strategic emergency locations.

I'll give you more feedback here!

Thanks you all for your work.

73 de Leo IZ5FSA


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Leo,   Just in case you haven

Leo,   Just in case you haven't seen this yet, there is an "Over the Air" upgrade patch that can be installed on 3.0.2.   This patch adds a "keep settings" box to check to subsequently upload over the mesh.    The mesh node then reboots a couple times and comes up with the prior config (except it does not preserve custom packages you may have loaded).


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Hi Joe,

Hi Joe,

IR5UBN is a 3.0.2 patched node... I'll go upgrading to the 3.15 final release "on site" when it will be released.

I'm working to create a new Mesh Net in Siena... we're growing up!

73 de LeoIZ5FSA

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