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Is it a distance record? 98 miles on ch -2

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Is it a distance record? 98 miles on ch -2

KE6BXT and myself completed the install of sector panel coverage (see SoCal forum announcements of coverage) this weekend.   We were elated to see  the Ventura guys on Sulphur Mountain.    For those of you not familiar with Southern California, this is flying over the top of Los Angles and 98 miles distance. On both ends are Rocket M2s with 120 deg sector panels at only 15dBi gain.    This is ch -2 @ 10Mhz.  

While the link is not stable, I did see an exchange of hostnames and a mesh status showed all the nodes on our combined mesh islands.  This has been a pleasant unintended surprise!  (pun intended given install is on Pleasants Pk :) ).    We have confidence that we can build a solid link when we actually try. 

Sulphur Mountain pics:

Pleasants Pk pics:


Inline image 1


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that's incredible!

that's incredible!

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That's good from an experimental standpoint. Not so good from a usable network standpoint! The more I play with this gear, the more I'm seeing that interference is going to be the big degrader I'll have to keep an eye on.

Note that when the SHTF 

Note that when the SHTF  interference is very likely to be greatly diminished in the first few hours to days after the "event."

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