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iPhone App for softphone MeshPhone

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iPhone App for softphone MeshPhone
This is in response to the post by VK1MIC which strangely does not appear here.

I am having good success so far with Grandstream Wave softphone.

How to configure:
set up a dummy account such as with name like "test"
sip userid anything such as your call sign.
use checkmark in upper right to save account settings.
disable random ports
disable use # as dial key
when dialing a call use * for . and # for :
ignore all other settings.

You must have a SIM card in the iphone.
This has driven me partially crazy but I think that solves my problems.
Still awaiting arrival of more SIM cards from Verizon to test all my iphones.
I do not understand why a SIM card is needed, but it has made 2 of my iphones work.
I don't know what brand of SIM card is needed, but I am assuming if they are all the same that will work.
I assume the phone may need to be "unlocked". No sure exactly what that means.

I have discussed all this extensively with both Apple and Grandstream support people, and none of them
really understand it.


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