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Iperf package installation fail

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Iperf package installation fail

I have installed iperf and iperfspeed on 2 rockets successfully and it seems to function properly.  I now am trying to install iperf on a remote node which is a Nanostation M2 XW running  I am doing this from the package management section on the administration screen.  I get the following error.

The package is iperf3 3.7-1AREDN.  Any ideas?
Glenn WA3LAB

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The package is iperf3 3.7-1AREDN. Any ideas?

Installing iperf and IperfSpeed

Two packages should be installed on each AREDN® node in order to facilitate testing between nodes.
The iperf3 package allows the nodes to function either as an iperf client or server during the test.
The iperfspeed package provides a web-based control interface for running network tests between the nodes.

The current iperf package in the 'docs' is:

My idea is to install the current recommended package.

I hope this helps, Chuck

Verify your package server

Glenn, you may need to go to your node's Advanced Configuration display and verify the path telling the node where to download packages.  That's described in the online docs here:
If you are running version then the path should be something like this for the base section where iperf3 is located:
If you see something else there, you can always click Set to Default and then click Save Setting.
Of course, this all assumes that your node has a way to get to the AREDN download servers across the Internet.  If it doesn't, then you can navigate to that downloads path URL in your web browser, find the iperf3 package and grab a copy of it to install from your local computer on the node's LAN network.

It's working now

Thanks to both of you Chuck and AB7PA for taking the time to help.  I checked Advanced Configuration and the proper package downloads were selected.  I selected defaults for everything anyway, and rebooted.  The package failed to load as before.  I then uploaded the package suggested by Chuck.  It installed  iperf3 3.5-1AREDN.  The default package contained  iperf3 3.7-1AREDN.  So long story short, 3.5-1 works, 3.7-1 does not...on the nanostation.  It DID work on the rockets.  Thank you both for your time.
Glenn WA3LAB

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iperf package missing?

AREDN friends,

I just installed a new MikroTik RouterBOARD RBLHG-5HPnD running  I tried to install iperf3 as I have successfully done on the same type of hardware running 3.21.  But I can't. 

Here are the facts:

In the Administration panel on the node, iperf3 does indeed show up in the drop-down:

iperf 3 3.7-1AREDN

When I try to install ("download") it, I get

Unknown package 'iperf3'.
Collected errors:
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package iperf3.
Failed to restart all services, please reboot this node.

In Advanced Configuration URLs are all default values.  Specifically, for aredn.@downloads[0].pkgs_packages is

When I check that URL, there is no iperf3 package listed.

How do I resolve this?


Check your aredn.@downloads[0

Check your aredn.@downloads[0].pkgs_base in the advanced settings.

I found the package under which is where your node should be pointed if it is using the default setting.

That being said, my nodes don't have access to the Internet, so I setup a Pi that has a mirror of the website.  I tried to install iperf3 and got the same error.  I performed another refresh and then tried to install the package.  This time, it installed just fine.  The reason I had to refresh may have been due to installing a better Pi, and moving it to a new node.


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iperf package missing?

aredn.@downloads[0].pkgs_base is:

I was able to manually install iperf3 using the .ipk at this URL but installation via the AREDN Administration page still fails.

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"When I check that URL, there is no iperf3 package listed."

That file is in /packages/ not /base/.
I loaded on my RB-LHG-5nD, tho' not HP like yours.
Sorry, my response was different from yours.
Images are before, during, after iperf3 'download'.

Image Attachments: 

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