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IP Phones Used on the Mesh

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IP Phones
Aly, I also agree with Mark, N2MH that IP dialing is easier with the Grandstream GXP1450 phones. I have a bunch as it makes operations simple, effective and inexpensive.
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I am looking at this phone now and I noticed that it takes 5volts. 
I would want something that takes 12v straight. using a regulator is still an option but I would prefer now having to go through that, 
I am looking for a setup doc for a yealink sip-t229 for IP dialing.  Can someone direct me please.  73. Mike, KF7QXT
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Get the Yealink T29G user guide from Yealink support

Go to the Yealink support web page at

and download the Yealink_SIP-T29G_User_Guide_V81_90.pdf

You will find your answer on page 122 or thereabouts.

When you have the phone working, please post your results so that they can be included in the table.

73, Mark

I now have some Linksys SPA
I now have some Linksys SPA 942 phones.  These phones have POE  These comments are based on the SPA 942.  The SPA 941 may be different.
Obtain the IP address of your phone either from the Mesh Node it is connected to or from the phone by pressing the SET UP key (the second button down to the right of the Number pad - looks like a page of paper with the corner turned back.)  Scroll down to the NETWORK page to see the IP address of your phone. Put the IP address in your browser - this will bring up part of the phones parameters.
Click on the Admin Login located in the upper right of the displayed page.  Also click on Advanced to gain access to all parameters for the phone.
STEP 1 Log in to the web interface. I.E. Enter the IP address of your phone into your browser.
STEP 2 In the upper right corner of the page, click Personal Directory. A window appears with the Personal Directory listings for your phone. (see example below)
To enter a new item into the directory: 
STEP 1 select the line and enter the information in the following format: n=Marketing;p= 
where “n=” followed by the name for the entry and “p=” followed by the IP address of the phone to be called). 
STEP 2 At the bottom of the page, click Submit Changes.  The phone will reboot.
On your phone,  Button 2 under the screen (of the 4 horizontal) is DIR.  Press DIR and scroll down to select the person to be called.  Lift the receiver and the call will be made.
Under the EXT1 tab on the phone parameters screen in your browser, find Subscriber Information /Display Name.  Enter your name here.  It will be displayed on the phone of the person you call.
Call someone, then to initiate a conference call: 
STEP 1 Press the Conf button during an active call. The first call is placed on hold, a second line is opened., and you hear a dial tone. 
STEP 2 Dial the second person’s telephone number using the DIR key and select the third party.  
STEP 3 After the party answers, press the Conf button again. All three parties are connected in the conference call. When you hang up, the other two parties are disconnected.  
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Cisco SPA503G and SPA504G
Cisco SPA503G  3 Lines 5VDC  with Web interface
Cisco SPA504G  4 Lines 5VDC  with Web interface

Denis KD1HA
I managed to use one of the 4

I managed to use one of the 4 voice services in an Obihai 200 ATA  as a mesh phone.  So you can add it to the list.  An old Obi100 or 110 should also work very well and there are a few as surplus around since GV no longer works with them.

Possible VOIP Phone
Looking through some 'stuff' in the garage earlier this week, I found a multi-line desk phone that appears to have at least two lines.  There is only one RJ45 connection on the phone base.  The details I found on the phone are:
Thomson Inc.
Model No.29585FE1-A
REN: 1.0B
It has markings that indicate it was marketed by GE.
It (the phone) has a tilting display and about four or five menu items that are user settable.  I am wondering, first, if this phone might be a model that could be adapted for VOIP use in a MESH operation, and second, what might be needed to change it over from a somewhat standard desk phone to a field type MESH VOIP model.
Thank you.
James Good kd5vxh
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Not a Possible VoIP Phone


I did a Google search on 29585FE1 and got back multiple hits. Several of them came back with the term "Corded Phone" which is another way of saying analog phone. Of the two hits I went to, none of them mentioned VoIP. It looks like a nice phone but it appears that the only way it will work on ip is with an Analog Telephone Adapter.


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Polycom VVX-200 series- setup params?

Have a VVX-201 powered and connected to one of my hAP ports. It has an ip from the hAP. I also factory reset it.  How do I cfg the phone? Not sure what provisioning info should be etc.

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Request a number from a PBX
Request a number from a PBX that makes sense for your area.  There are several in southern California.  I have one on the Ventura County PBX and a second from AI6BX in Redlands.  There is also one in Orange County KE6BXT, and one in Altadena that  know of.
Whoever you get numbers from will either provide you the config information or remotely do the config for you if you need the help.
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Thanks. This is getting very
Thanks. This is getting very far from what interests me in ham radio. I may just put the VoIP phone back in the closet.
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IP dialing also works
I should have mentioned that if your IP phone allows dialing by IP, you can also direct dial to an IP address without a PBX connection.  You are welcome to test that by IP dialing my phone at: - note that at least on my phone you actually use the * key in place of the periods, so it becomes:  10*4*158*45
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May need # Key or a Prefix

Depending on the manufacturer of the phone, you may also need to end the dialing string with a # so that the phone knows when you are finished dialing.

Thus, the example would be 10*4*158*45#

In addition, some manufacturers also require some sort of code to be inserted before the ip address. Thus, for a Grandstream desk phone you would need to insert *47 before the ip address.

Thus, the example may now become *4710*4*158*45#

Again, this all depends on the manufacturer of the phone.


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Not on my GS 1625
I keep hearing people say that on the GrandStream phone you either have to dial *47 first, or that dialing *47 tells the phone that what follows is a dial by IP so you don't have to menu down to Direct IP Call first.  Not the case on my 1625.  If I menu down to Direct IP Call, then just dial the IP ( with * in place of . ) .  If I just pick up the handset and dial with a *47 first, as soon as I get to the first *, it errors out.
You might need to check the Firmware or log into the web UI and turn on that feature.  The last few Firmware updates have changed IP Dialing and a bunch of default features.   It is possible it is turned off if you have newer firmware.  
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Cisco SPA504G also supported

Cisco SPA504G also supports SIP. It also has a web interface.

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I have a DP720 and DP750
I have a DP720 and DP750 working together on the mesh, but so far only 1 handset can be linked to the base station. I'm still fiddling with it, if anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them.

Both the devices take 5V from a micro USB port. The handset can run on regular batteries or the re-chargeable ones that come with it.
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Grandstream GS-GXP2135 on AREDN?
Greetings everyone,

I was thinking about purchasing a Grandstream GS-GXP2135 IP phone off Amazon. Had anyone had experience using it with AREDN? If so, were there any issues?

Thank you,
I use a Grandstream GXP2170. It's not about the extra lines, but the extra buttons and big display. Good for speed-dials and such. Have two 1625's as well but you only get two buttons. Do get the 1625 over the 1620 as it's PoE. 2135 would be right in the middle.
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The main reasons for getting
The main reasons for getting the 2135 is the POE, the Bluetooth capability, and 4 lines (I think the additional 4 are for speed-dial).

Thanks for the replies AJ6GZ & W6BI.


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Grandstream phones
  We use them with a Grandstream VOIP PBX so no issues there.  But they work well pretty much everywhere.  An eight-line phone is way overkill for mesh networks.  A GXP 1625, with two lines, should be more than enough capacity for a ham network.

Orv W6BI
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Cisco IP Phone 7942

I'm working on bringing AREDN to my area, and bought a Cisco 7942 BEFORE seeing the list of known IP Phones that worked. Does anyone know if this particular model WILL or will NOT work on the mesh for any reason? Any and all info is welcomed. I'm not a tech guy, and am learning everything on my own through trial and error. 

Thomas KM4TBQ

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Cisco IP Phone 7942

Hi, Thomas:

It is likely that the phone makes no determination of what firmware the network switches and routers are using.
Most often IP Phones register with PBX routable on the same network.
Is there a PBX on your AREDN network?
Some folks using IP phones on an AREDN network without a PBX use a 'dial-by-IP-address' phone feature.
I looked at some documentation on a Cisco 7942G and did not see that it supports 'dial-by-IP-address'.
Is there 1 or more phones already on your AREDN network?

  • If yes, do they 'direct-dial' or use a PBX?
  • If no, uh, er, um, I do not know how to assist.

73, Chuck


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Thanks for the info, Chuck. I will likely be adding a PBX, because i see them mentioned quite often. I plan on going the raspberry pi route for that. The distinction you mentioned is helpful. Thanks again for your time. 73
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IP Phones used on AREDN

Mark, N2MH, Some months ago I sent you an email concerning the PolyCom VVX410 phones. A local business replaced their PolyCom phones and we were awarded them. I was able to register them on our RASPBX without difficulty. I then sent you an email letting you know that the PC VVX410 phones will work on AREDN but did not hear back from you. K1KY suggested I send another email. I hope I am not bothering you but if I am I apologize. Be safe es 73,

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Polycom WX410 Phone
Mark, the following is offered for your list:
Local Power - YES
Web Interface YES
Lines 2

Avaya 9608 and SNOM 320
I have here some AVAYA 9608 and SNOM 320 phones. So I do not know if they will work with AREDN. So I am new with AREDN and only have a mikrotik Router installed which is connected with a VPN to the AREDN network.
So I do not have a PBX at the moment. And I am looking forward to start with IP Telephonie. So I have heard that it is possible to use some phones without PBX. Probably there is someone who knows if its possible with one of this phones or if I need a PBX.
Thanks for your answers and hepl.
73 de Reto, HB9TPX
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I do not know if they will work with AREDN

Hi, Reto:
AREDN networks are Virtual Public Networks.
If an IP Phone will 'work' in an Internet or an Intranet or a VPN,
I believe it will work with an AREDN network.
73, Chuck


Hi Chuck
Hi Chuck
thank you for your answer. I will try it, I do not know this phones so try and errer probanly will help to find out if they work.
73, Reto
Yealink T46S and fanvil x3g for voip
hello. can i use yealink t46s and fanvil x3g for voip ?


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