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IP Conflict

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IP Conflict

I had to replace a node as a test. A Ubiquiti bullet. We named the new node the same as before and changed the name of the node we removed. However, afterwards, the WiFi ip addresses became the same on both nodes resulting in a both an IP conflict and a name resolution conflict. (Both nodes had been in operation on the same network before without any conflicts.) The resolved name resulted in [oldname]/[newname].local.mesh on the old node.

After struggling for an eternity I simply manually changed the WiFi IP address on the one we removed by one number and all is fine.

How are the WiFi IP addresses assigned and how should this have been correctly resolved?


WIFI address ranges are based

WIFI address ranges are based off the WIFI MAC.

While there is a chance for a collision on the main IP address the probabilities on this are extremely low and I honestly doubt this is what occurred.

The old name/new name on a node sounds like an open ticket where name changes do not fully propagate across the network.
Example Being:
node is online with NameA
node is renamed to NameB

Node is reachable by NameA and NameB

The work around to this is to take the node offline for a period of time (15
minutes seems to work well) after it is renamed to allow the mesh network to purge the old name.

lf you believe it really is two nodes shared same WIFI IP a support data file from each node would be useful to verify the IP's were set correctly and that the node did indeed set the IP correct and the MAC's are indeed truly the same.

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The "2nd" node was offline

The "2nd" node was offline for 3wks.

Mark, can you do the following:

  1. browse to this page on the "live" (CH) node and email it to me?   http://<<nodename>>.local.mesh:8080/cgi-bin/sysinfo
  2. power up the "2nd node"
  3. connect directly to the "2nd node" with your PC and browse to this page and email it to me?   http://localnode.local.mesh:8080/cgi-bin/sysinfo


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