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Internet speed on Tunnel Client LAN

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Internet speed on Tunnel Client LAN

Quick question please:
Recently setup a couple of Trevor's Internet Mesh Nodes and sure appreciate the work he did to present this system.  I noticed that the internet speed on the tunnel's LAN is greatly reduced from the speed offered by my home wireless network.  My 2.4G home network runs at about 50 mbps while the speed on the internet when connected to the tunnel's AP is under 5 mpbs.  Any ideas on what causes this and possible ways to correct same?
Many thanks for any input.  :)

Well not knowing your network

Well not knowing your network layout my first question would be is your internet on your mesh node being routed out another remote mesh node? Or if this is over a cellular link that would be a slow down. A traceroute might help to verify that.

I don’t think anyone has ever profiled tunnel performance speed as is not intended to be a primary path so I am not sure what our max tunnel speeds are (any sort of VPN Connection like tunnels is usually less than wire speed performance)

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Traceroute info and clarification

Thank you very much for the quick response!  Please allow me to apologize for the inaccurate description of my network.  I'm a real newbie at AREDN and TCP/IP in general.  My Internet Mesh Node is an exact copy of Trevor's and is currently obtaining internet access via it's AirGateway which is connected wirelessly to my home network on 2.4g.  When I connect directly to my home wireless network on 2.4g I get about 50 mbps speeds.  When I connect to the AP of the Internet Mesh Node and perform the same speed test I get approximately 5 mbps speeds.  Here are traceroutes to performed in these two configurations:

VIA:  Macbook Pro connected wireless directly to home wireless 2.4g AP.
Traceroute has started…

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets
 1  jm (  1.163 ms  0.592 ms  0.567 ms
 2 (  7.667 ms  7.722 ms  17.701 ms
 3 (  12.709 ms  7.931 ms  8.001 ms
 4 (  10.935 ms  27.196 ms  12.195 ms
 5 (  11.591 ms  11.851 ms  12.580 ms
 6 (  16.705 ms  19.226 ms  18.024 ms
 7 (  25.343 ms  22.326 ms  24.378 ms
 8 (  29.722 ms  31.141 ms  31.839 ms
 9 (  42.396 ms  39.143 ms  39.834 ms
10 (  40.771 ms  37.821 ms  42.998 ms
11 (  48.046 ms  47.042 ms  47.727 ms
12 (  41.287 ms  102.639 ms  84.890 ms
13 (  84.809 ms  213.318 ms  91.868 ms
14 (  35.980 ms  37.729 ms  129.054 ms

VIA:  Macbook Pro connected wireless to Internet Mesh Node's AP.
Traceroute has started…

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets
 1  localnode (  3.950 ms  0.936 ms  0.739 ms
 2 (  12.190 ms *  10.764 ms
 3 (  90.700 ms  82.213 ms  14.622 ms
 4 (  15.214 ms  30.876 ms  182.865 ms
 5 (  49.870 ms  14.830 ms  47.686 ms
 6 (  254.348 ms  39.212 ms  71.540 ms
 7 (  181.333 ms  202.999 ms  48.054 ms
 8 (  53.451 ms  257.818 ms  22.840 ms
 9 (  34.144 ms  98.639 ms  89.334 ms
10 (  51.624 ms  160.863 ms  41.943 ms
11 (  279.276 ms  101.881 ms  110.570 ms
12 (  45.036 ms  63.394 ms  56.851 ms
13 (  107.670 ms  118.603 ms  102.607 ms
14 (  48.025 ms  134.106 ms  190.613 ms
15 (  443.799 ms  78.317 ms  81.141 ms

 > 1  localnode (

 > 1  localnode (  3.950 ms  0.936 ms  0.739 ms
Looks good
 > 2 (  12.190 ms *  10.764 ms
This is not so good, we’re seeing some packet loss from localnode to This isn’t a good sign. Since the mesh node is responding ok in the previous hop I would question the cables and switches and devices between the mesh node and, also it’s a question if this wireless client/bridge is having trouble connecting to the Access  Point due to its position or how it’s mounted in your kit. Your going to want to look at the RF link quality at this stage as well. In theory it could also be the mesh node itself is having trouble routing from its LAN to WAN port but I usually expect that to show up on hop 1.

 > 3 (  90.700 ms  82.213 ms  14.622 ms
By this point everything is so slow with such high latency and variability in the packet latency I would expect slow downs to be occurring.

Considering I haven’t built a Trevor setup that is about all I can offer on what I’m seeing but that should provide a starting point to review what is going on.

slow tunnel

I am having similar speed issues.
Running traceroute from within the node to the tunnel server internet IP yields 74ms direct and 1350ms (avg numbers) through the tunnel over the same path.
I am going to try different hardware for the client to see if it makes a difference.

Tunnel performance through AT&T

After some troubleshooting and research, I have concluded that the AT&T 5268AC modem slows down the tunnel by a factor of 10!
There may be some setting on it that I can change, but I haven't found it.
Does anyone else have AT&T service and good tunnel performance?
I can ping the non-tunnel internet IP at 70ms, But when I go through the tunnel, it's 1500ms.
Testing with other hams who have Time-warner cable modem, show no speed drop.


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