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Interest in the Triangle

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Interest in the Triangle

Looking to see if there is any interest in setting up a network in the triangle? Let me know if you are.

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There was.  There may be

There was.  There may be again.  It didn't evolve into much.  
A few years ago I did a web page and a to discuss this.  The contact list is still on the  Maybe ping there?
I have a Google Earth map with some locations plotted but without a high site there weren't any links that would work.  We did have an opportunity for a high site but nobody in the group had a clue about how to go about using it. We need more people.  I would be interested in a fully isolated-from-Internet ARDEN type network and would participate in site development if there were enough interested.  

Check for RTP Ham radio Digital   RTPHRD

After that fizzled I set out to build a 9600 baud VHF network.  That has been successful.  There are about 35 stations with a pretty decent network based on Raspberry PIs and dedicated point to point links using something which looks like IRC.  It's entirely Internet free.. 

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