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Informal mesh network discussions at Fair Lawn

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Informal mesh network discussions at Fair Lawn

We meet at the Fair Lawn ARC in the Fair Lawn Community Center every Friday from 1800 to 2100.

The address is 10-10 20th Street, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 .

Please join us,

Randy WU2S



Hi -  name is Jeff.

I live down the shore in Sea Girt, but work in Roseland.

I would like to visit one evening, however Fridays are a little tough in the summer!

Are you still meeting weekly?  Any nights coming up that might be valuable to attend?

I do have Ubiquity 2.4 GHZ gear. and a number of the Linksys routers.

Thank you,




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Fair Lawn meetings on Friday evening

Hi Jeff and welcome!

Yes, the club is open every Friday all year round, so come visit when it is convenient for you. I am there most, but not all Fridays. So let me know when you plan to visit and I will be there. Contact <my-call-sign> at

We are planning to support the Passaic county sheriff's department with mesh gear and cameras during the upcoming Passaic County Fair on August 13 to 16. Dates for our on-site surveys at Garret Mountain are not yet set, but will be soon. 

73, Randy

Thanks for the welcome!

Thanks for the welcome!

I am interested in this project and familiar with Garret Mountain, since I was raised in Rutherford and was part

of the astronomy group (way back) up there - however,  I will be out of the country during that time in August.

I would be interested in attending any planning sessions - so let me know if possible, so I can attend.




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West Orange

Hi Jeff,

I live in West Orange, right next to 280. If you would like to play mesh, I'm game. Don't know about a path to Roseland since 2nd mountain is in the way. But, it should be fun to play...

73, Mark, N2MH

PS, are you the proprietor of the Web-SDR down on the shore? That could be a real interesting app for the Mesh!


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