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Improvements in New Jersey

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Improvements in New Jersey
Well, after noticing a couple of stations intermittently hearing our 2.4 GHz node on Garret Mt., we decided to try an experimement by replacing the NSM2 with ano M2 Rocket and a pair of verticals. To be honest the site is not great, but valuable for coverage on the mountain, and not so much to the mountain. We will be adding another node soon to improve overall coverage in the valley, but in the meantime, we will work with what we have. Low rolling hills hamper coverage and any site needs to be considered a "good" site! :-) Our next move will be to adjust the distance parameter of the remote nodes that we hear and that should help improve things somewhat. When we adjusted the parameters of our site we immediately noticed one-way improvements. We'll see! We'll post photos soon! 73, Gordon, W2TTT 201.314.6964
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Greetings from Warren County,

Greetings from Warren County, NJ!  We're just making our first baby steps over here to the West of you. 

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