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I'd like to get my feet wet with development and building test images

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I'd like to get my feet wet with development and building test images

I'm an absolute newbie at this but really want to learn and eventually get to a point where I can be helpful.  
And I want to have some fun with this!  

I have very little experience with C and writing software.  
But have basic familiarity and have been around this and Linux for many years.  
I'm a great sysadmin and networking guy but have never done software development.  
Perfectly compfortable around it and compiling "things" but I am not very familiar yet with all of the pieces
and things that need to be done.

Can any experienced AREDN developers give me some pointers on where to get started and how to try a few things on my own
to start to get more familiar with the process and the pieces that all need to fit together to build an image for a device.   
I need some basic getting started info.   

Do I need to be an experienced openwrt dev or can I get started here?   


I hope you don't mind giving me a few pointers.  
I'm a bit lost in the information and realize this is not a quick answer and will take me a long time to get from where I'm at now
to where I'm able to do something cool.  

I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time but never seem to get a good productive start.  
I'm a point now where I think I can put in a much mroe serious effort and there is a lot here to learn from that was not here 15 years ago when I was first giving it a small effort.  


*bump* is this a development

*bump* is this a development area and a good place to ask this?  
If not please help and thanks.  

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Here's how to do it...

Steve, the team doesn't really provide the level of support you are looking for.  The primary languages we use are Lua, Vue.JS, and Nuxt.  You can read/learn all about these from tutorials and YouTube videos on the Internet.  Then, once you think you're ready, clone the repo to you PC from instructions provided on our GitHub site and start playing with our code.  You can't really mess anything up because if you inadvertently submit something, our reviewers will reject them.

Again, once you think you're ready, grab an issue from the list on GitHub and try to tackle it.  The team will give you assistance at this point forward.

Have fun!

Andre, K6AH

I'm just going to attempt to

I'm just going to attempt to do some builds here and see how it goes.  
I'm not really looking for or expecting "support" here.  
I'm just hoping I can get a few pointers along the way when I get stuck trying to figure things out.
I realize that people have lives, families, close friends, hobbies, work and then somebody "needy" like me comes along to shake the apple cart.  
My mission right now is just to play and learn and start getting wet.  
Been wanting to mess with this for a long time and have never really got serious with it. 
Take Care.  

Still trying and no success

Still trying and no success yet.   
Just want to be able to build a basic openwrt package that has access to ham frequencies (-2).  
I will keep at it.  
And I hope this is a reasonable simple goal to work at.  
Seems that most of it is in place to work with only a few things I need to do to make it work. 
There are also some "not yet supported" ubiquiti devices I'd like to try and work with where there are no simple downloads for them yet. 
I have a fleet of Ubiquiti UniFi AC Mesh with external antenna connectors (Qualcomm Atheros QCA956X ver 1 rev 0) 
Running openwrt That I think are fully capable of running AREDN that would be fun to experiment with. 

I'm not going away this time.

I'm not going away this time.  
I will keep at it until I get somewhere. 
Also hoping to find some friends that are interested in learning and trying some of this together.

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