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Hurricane Idalia

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Hurricane Idalia

Later this week, around August 30/31, Hurricane Idalia is predicted to
make landfall in Florida and ultimately make its way up the southeastern
coast of the US as a tropical storm. In the affected area, two NOAA
Weather Radio Stations can be heard on MeshPhone: KEC95 in Myrtle Beach,
SC and KHB31 in Wilmington, NC.

KEC95 can be heard on MeshPhone 910-4161
KHB31 can be heard on MeshPhone 910-4167

 From Hamshack Hotline, dial 88 plus the MeshPhone number.
 From Hams Over IP, dial 78 plus the MeshPhone number.

In addition, SAME alerts from these two stations can be seen, when
issued, on N2MH-MeshChat-WX, http://n2mh-web.local.mesh/meshchat. They
can also be seen on selected Citadel machines across the Mesh. They are
also available to interested parties on MeshMail and possibly Winlink
(untested).  Obviously, if the alerts are seen via email or Winlink, the
alerts will no longer be timely.

73, Mark, N2MH
MeshPhone: 973-2111


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