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How to tunnel with a Cradlepoint - Verizon

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How to tunnel with a Cradlepoint - Verizon

I have been trying to tunnel with a Cradlepoint back to my home AREDN node to send Blue Iris video.

So far no joy.  Has anyone done this and written it up?

I am a tunnel server for an AREDN node in Florida, and it tunnels just fine into my network at home.  My Nanostation hooked to the Cradlepoint will not tunnel to my server at home.

Thanks for any wisdom.



We will assume you have tcp/5525 open at home since another node is connecting ok.

Tell us about the config in between the Cradlepoint and the Nanostation. Is it a private IP subnet, Cradlepoint handing out a DHCP IP, or are you passing the Verizon IP direct to the WAN interface of the Nanostation (IP passthru)? Also how are you getting vlan 1 (tagged) over to the Cradlepoint? Can you ping the home station ok via a telnet/ssh session on the remote node?

When my replacement SIM shows up this week I can try the extact same scenario here!


Many, Many KUDOs to you - you

Many, Many KUDOs to you - you asked the right questions and I have it working this morning!!!!
I had been thinking that I could plug a NSM2 into the lan port of the CP.
I grabbed my ARHP and replaced the NSM2 and it comes alive.  I.e. vlan 1 tagging.  Then set up DtD with the NSM2 and the ARHP.

I am working two events this weekend and am excited about the possibilities with i-net tunnels to my Blue Iris server back home.

Thanks again - Vance

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Cellular Mobile Terminate vs. Carrier Grade NAT

Vance, I would have thought that Verizon customer care would have been able to set you up with a SIM at one of their stores or agencies. Once you get it, ping will work, but that doesn't mean that your Cradlepoint will be able to host a tunnel server, or any other kind of server because of Carrier Grade NAT. This can often be present, but can be easily provisioned for mobile terminate. FYI, Carrier Grade NAT addresses IPv4 address exhaust and improves security. If your node behind the Cradlepoint is a tunnel client, you should have no problems. I am on AT&T and have several Cradlepoints set up with statuc IPs and mobile terminate provioned. This allows my wireless nodes to provide tunnel servers and other server functions. If you want to talk about it, you can call or email me. 73, Gordon Beatti, W2TTT 201.314.6964

I will get in touch after I

I will get in touch after I do some more homework.  Thanks!


Excellent! The CradlePoint should let you pick up a tagged VLAN as a LAN interface so you wouldn't need the ARHP in between. Something to try after the events...


Will want to try this AFTER

Will want to try this AFTER the events.  Thanks

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