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How to start HAMNET Mesh 101 step-by-step guide

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How to start HAMNET Mesh 101 step-by-step guide

I need directions, how do I start my network with the software or do I start with the Aredn firmware ?

Can some offer a link to the best firmware ? any video links

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Well I am a bit biased, but I

Well I am a bit biased, but I would suggest starting off with the AREDN firmware on Ubiquiti devices. As i understand it the networks around your area are running AREDN firmware and using the HAM ONLY rf space that is only available at this time in the AREDN firmware somewhat making it a necessity on at least one node if you wish to link to them.

As for setup I suggest looking at the Installation link under the software menu.  There is also lots of documentation on the Docs menu.

As for videos I don't currently have access to any however others on the group may and I will leave that part open for others to comment on.


Andre ( VA3AGV) - email me ( you have

Andre ( VA3AGV )  - email me ( you have my email address).  We should talk and / or get together soon.  tnx, Bob VE3CWU

Thanks for the support and

Thanks for the support and help

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VA3AGV,   It is noteworthy

VA3AGV,   It is noteworthy that while the websites for AREDN and BBHN have split, the technology has not split to date.    The code branches for AREDN originate from and come after the BBHN 3.1.0 release  (with AREDN 3.0.2 the same except branding).   The developers on this site wrote the code and features that are packaged in BBHN 3.1.0 (basically all the new features that came since the linksys port to Ubiquiti).    This started with 1 developer, Conrad, and today has expanded to 4 very active and excited developers on the AREDN team.    To decide to install AREDN is a choice to install the latest and greatest features and bug fixes available.    

It remains to be seen if the BBHN site will have another release and thus a competitive choice.


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Technically speaking...

Actually, the BBHN 3.1.0 release was a branch of the AREDN 3.0.1, although Conrad and I were called the BBHN-Dev group back then.



What is going to be new for this business/hobby,  lower power drain, hence longer battery life and off set by antenna strength.  Rpi  / LoRaHam

thanks for the suggestion, and yes we have pockets around TORONTO CANADA.  thanks for all you have done.  outstanding !!

Bob thanks for the contact and looking forward to talking soon, hope all is well.

Joe,  this is wonderful news that the technology has not split.  Like many of us I also migrated from linksys to Ubiquiti devices.

K6AH-Andre, thanks for the feedback.  I will also looking into that branch and the many hours you must have spent with that branch.  please keep in touch. and I will look forward to talking 2 you soon 

ANDRE  aka  (qrz contact)
HAM RADIO Mesh  @hamradiomesh  -

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