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How many nodes are too many at one location ?

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How many nodes are too many at one location ?

When can you have too many nodes at one location before routing and other conflicts arise between nodes ?
for experimenting I have installed the following nodes at my house and could use some do's and don'ts tips for using
the number of nodes I have active.

Location includes:
1- 40 foot mast:
At the Top of the mast resides an M2 NanoBridge for a mountain top link 9 miles away

Second down the mast is an M2 sector 120 aimed north to pick up local nodes and valley coverage up to 25 miles away.

Third down the mast is an M2 Bullet connected to a 24 db grid dish aimed at a mountain link 45 miles for connection to another county.

Fourth down the mast I am going to attempt to add an M2 Omni about 30 feet up the mast to provide local community
coverage for groups of Nanostations in the area.

Lastly I have an M2 feedhorn node in the basement whose only purpose is to proved tunnel service.

I sometimes notice strange route paths when I connect all these nodes using DtD along with the RF links that exist.

*** All nodes are running AREDN   -2  @ 10Mz bandwidth

Thank you for any suggestions

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Related threads worth a read:

I think the first link boiled down to "If you can get 128dbm of isolation" (hint you probably won't)  sure go for as many as you want, but without that being said, you get into some interesting parts where link paths can change.

The link to the other county or the mountain top link for example, the general suggestion is to bump that up to a 5.8/5.9GHz link, or a 3.4GHz link.  Isolate those hops far away from your user access hops.  This both clears up the multi path routing possibility, it also frees up the 2.4GHz band to better serve your users.

In addition any back haul style link is recommended to be a dual chain device (Rockets and some other devices)  as these will handle much higher bandwidth and diversity receive.  Both of these will increase the quality of the link and give your local users even more access.

This thread from past few days discusses this a bit on backhauling (along with others in the forum)

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