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How many mesh chat nodes?

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How many mesh chat nodes?
How many nodes in a network should have mesh chat installed?
Some strategic number?


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I'd say strategic (but always
I'd say strategic (but always more than one).

Strategic:  so you can spread the data across the mesh and in case of any network failures, you have copies in major "sectors" of the mesh.
More than one:  redundancy.

More about Mesh Chat
Thanks for the info.
Now just to make sure I remember this right....

Every node in a network that that has mesh chat installed stores a copy of every chat that has ever been sent, up to a maximum of 500.
There is no simple way for anyone, even a sysop, to delete any of the messages.
This takes up a lot of memory in the nodes.

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Nodes (radio devices) are

Nodes (radio devices) have limited storage so they only can store a limited amount of traffic.   This is one reason why I always recommend installing MeshChat on a Raspberry Pi where you can have GIGABYTES of storage....

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Mesh Zones!

MeshChat instances with the *same* Zone Name on the same mesh network (but not apparently over tunnels) will attempt to keep their message database in sync with all others in the Zone (great for redundancy as radio-based MeshChats lose their database at every reboot). Per Trevor: "Meshchat is configured to run on a particular zone based on the service name it is give in the AREDN services screen."

You are correct, there is NO WAY to edit or delete previously "sent" messages. BTW: "Sent" is a misnomer. It deoesn't get sent anywhere, it just gets posted to what is in effect a public postboard. -And-, there is no way to completely kill a zone until each and every instance of that zone is concurrently extinguished.

Also, there is NO callsign login checking, you may use anything you chose when logging in.

I personally *love* MeshChat - wroks great for us.

- Don - AA7AU


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