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How Do I Change Packet Size

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How Do I Change Packet Size

I would like to know what is the default packet size.

I would like to change the maximum packet size as an option.

I would imagine the packet size, if changeable, would be for the entire node and not on a link by link basis.

These capabilities may already exist. If they do how do I get the information and manage it?

Thank you for your help.

Don, N0YE

Changing packet size
If I am correct, the default packet size of TCP is 1500 bytes with IP being 1544 due to its overhead. I think the increasing the packet size can really mess up communications and is best left alone. If you change it for just your node while other nodes are at default, you probably won't get good communications. I am sure that if I am wrong, and the chances are pretty good, that I will be corrected but the results should still be problematic.


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