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How to advertise ip camera ip stream

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How to advertise ip camera ip stream

I'm trying to advertise an IP camera on my AREDN node.  In VLC if I open a stream at 


I can view it. When I try to advertise it I'm breaking this up (improperly I would say) as

IPCam | rtsp:// | 554 | /user=admin&password=&channel=1&stream=0.sdp?

where the pipe symbols denote the separate input boxes.

Is there a resource to tell me what I'm doing wrong? I haven't done much with advertising services. MeshChat did this for me on install but I have to do this one and several others such as Raspberry Pi's manually.


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Services are advertised
Services are advertised across the mesh through the OLSR nameservices plugin.      This nameservice plugin imposes limitations on the characters it allows.  Looks like the following are not allowed:


"Looks like the following are
"Looks like the following are not allowed:


I'm sorry but that is just completely opposite of what the case truely is.

Those symbols along with alphanumeric are absolutely permitted in the UI.

OLSR currently doesn't accept an ampersand so would take changing OLSR code for that to be supported (doable but needs a feature ticket) 

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Thanks for catching that.   I
Thanks for catching that.   I did read it opposite without my coffee.   Here's the code for those interested:

sub validate_service_suffix
    my($suffix) = @_;
    # protects against parsing errors in the config files and html
    return 0 if $suffix =~ /[:'"|]/;
    # checks if string meets critera specified by nameservice module
    return 0 unless $suffix =~ /^[[:alnum:]\/?._=#-]*$/;
    return 1;
Thanks guys! Sounds like I
Thanks guys! Sounds like I can't advertise this right now until a patch is released. Is this something unique to this camera? I read in one of the other threads that someone had gotten a JOOAN camera to work.  If I browse to the camera's IP I get a web application... in Chinese! I'll write to the company and see if there's a way to browse that with a parameter for English. At least I know I can see the RTSP stream in VLC across the mesh.
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Venders are moving to support
Venders are moving to support ONVIF access.    Maybe your camera supports an ONVIF client and able to advertise the service.   I've started putting in 2 or 3 advertisements of browser, rtsp, and ONVIF depending on the constraints.

hyphen works in place of ampersand for my Amcrest camera
My Amcrest IP2M-842EW bullet camera accepted a hyphen in place of the ampersand in the service advertisement path string. The hyphen was accepted by nameservice function. The camera accepted this path: cam/realmonitor?channel=1-subtype=0

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