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Why am I seeing the word HIDDEN when I view neighbor status? 
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Hidden nodes are nodes that
Hidden nodes are nodes that are known to be on the channel, but you can't directly see them.  So using the real sample below, this particular node has an RF path to  k6ccc-rb-lhg-5hpnd-xl and k6pvr-verdugo-s-sector-5g.  But ke6yoh-2 and n4xro-1-la-bur-nsm5-174-47-115 connect to k6pvr-verdugo-s-sector-5g so they are known, but not seen by this node.
Neighbor                        Link  SNR    Distance   Quality  Status
k6ccc-hap-glendale              DtD   -      0.0 miles  100%     active
k6ccc-rb-lhg-5hpnd-xl           RF    22/24  0.0 miles  80%      active
k6ccc-rocm5-2-glendale          DtD   -      0.0 miles  100%     active
k6pvr-verdugo-s-sector-5g       RF    30/32  5.8 miles  88%      active - exposed
ke6yoh-2                        -     -      4.8 miles  -        hidden
n4xro-1-la-bur-nsm5-174-47-115  -     -      4.8 miles  -        hidden

Make sense?

Online docs describe the case

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