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Help needed testing Nightly Builds

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Help needed testing Nightly Builds

Help needed testing Nightly Builds

As we start on the AREDN Development Plan for 2022, we need some help testing the current nightly builds. Unlike previous nightlies, these builds are more likely to be unstable and should *not* be used on any node where physical access is a problem. We don’t except failure, but the changes we’ll be making are significant.

Replacing Perl with Lua

As of 8th Feb 2022, the currently nightly build has replaced all the backend services, originally written in Perl, with code written in Lua. It also replaces the “read-only” web pages with Lua pages. These pages are ‘status’, mesh’, ‘signal’, and ‘scan’. You can tell it’s a Lua page as we’ve added a little “Lua version” to the top/right of the page. These pages should behave identically to the Perl pages they replace; show the same information and perform similarly (the old pages are still available with the names “’, ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ if you want to compare).

While many of us have been running these builds for a while without problem, the more eyes and the more varied hardware these are tested on the better. Please log any issues at “” and thanks for your help.

The AREDN Team

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Help needed testing Nightly Builds
That's great news Andre.  Where can we find these versions and what version number(s) moving forward have these enhancements?  I just looked and saw 2/1 nightlies but no mention of these enhancements in the Changelog. 
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It's been in every nightly
It's been in every nightly since the GA release
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