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HELP - Lost connection after upgrading

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HELP - Lost connection after upgrading
After Upgrading I lost communications with my Bullet M2:

I tried to upgrade a Ubiquiti Bullet M2 from a version to the current version. I used the following instructions someone gave me:
“If you are currently running or and plan to do an Over the Air (OTA) upgrade to "keep settings" when uploading, the process is as follows:
1) install the patch: "AREDN* OTA Fixup"  
2) Proceed to upload the sysupgrade firmware  <------------  I THINK YOU CAN GO STRAIGHT TO PRODUCTION RELEASE CODE HERE.”

With installed, I was accessing Ubiquiti through my router by setting Setup to NAT, DHCP deselected and IP set to AND it was working!
I had "keep settings" checked when I upgraded.

What I’ve tried without luck:
So far, thru my router, I tried to ping using
With a direct cable to my Bullet I tried to ping using
I pressed the POE reset button for 15 seconds.

Thank You!
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when you did:

when you did:

----- What I’ve tried without luck: So far, thru my router, I tried to ping using With a direct cable to my Bullet I tried to ping using I pressed the POE reset button for 15 seconds.


Was the node fully booted before you pressed the button for 15 secs?

Did it reboot afterwards?

Did you disconnect your CAT5 and reconnect afterwards?

Did you close your browser and re-open ?

Do you have your wifi on your pc DISABLED during this?

HELP - Lost communications after upload
The node never booted at all, that is why I tried the button.
Thank you for your reply, I tied all of your suggestions with no results.

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ironically, the same happened
ironically, the same happened to me yesterday.  NSM3, same results.   I held the reset button for 15 seconds, then was able to enter the setup information.  If anyone has a remote node on a tower somewhere, this is a big caution flag to attempt the keep settings upgrade if still on beta02.

There must be some changes in b04 (between b02 and release) that are necessary for sysupgrade to function correctly.  Conrad wrote this code and can confirm or we can dig through the code.

Bugs definitely existed in
Bugs definitely existed in sysupgrade as deployed in (it is a beta afterall).

After b02 we found and fixed some significant flaws in the upgrade process that were found  thay would of been picked up when a mode was flashed with b04.
Is my Ubiquiti considered
Is my Ubiquiti considered "bricked"? I tried the 15 second POE reset and then tried to ping the setup IP and the factory IP ( with no results.

There really has never been a
There really has never been a bricked Ubiquiti yet. There has been "stuck in a state we can't work with it at this time" but never bricked to date.

the 15 second reset IP (hold for 15 seconds no more an no less as it is time sensitive) where the status 4 LED is solid it will turn off then flash then be solid again it will be then be at

the is where you hold the reset button BEFORE the node boots to go into TFTP recovery mode (which is where you will likely want to go if you don't see it on 1.1 but it should be there assuming you wait for the node to fully boot before pressing and holding the button)
That did it...fantastic!
That did it...fantastic! Thanks for the help everyone!!
I tried to install 3.15.1 on a factory Nanostation.  It seemed to be going fine but then never came back at the end.  It may have been running Airos 5.6 Not sure.I cannot run the test program as I have XP.  I have tried all the tactics listed here and elsewhere. Nothing works. The leftmost two lights are always on solid green and no other lights show anything.  I cannot ping it.  Help!


Probbaly best to to pull your question into its own thread as it sounds different than the issue described in the original post.

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