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Hello from SC

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Hello from SC

Hey Y'all

I'm Cale Nelson, K4CDN.  I was recently recruited into our refreshed ARES group here in Spartanburg County (Upstate SC).  I've been asked to help ARES figure out a solution for high speed data transfer during an Emergency.  I believe AREDN will fit the bill nicely.  I look forward to continuing to learn from all involved.


Cale Nelson

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Hi Cale,
Hi Cale,

Welcome to AREDN.  You will find this group to be friendly and helpful.  Thanks for the exposure you've provided this project.

​Andre, K6AH
Hello from the CSRA

I have found AREDN and am really interested in setting up a network. My short term vision is to connect two counties to start. If we can support WEBEOC via tunnels or another process this system would rock.

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