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Hello & request

Hello all,

My name is Eli KD8RBH from Delaware county Ohio, just north of Columbus. I'm our ARES digital comm AEC. I first wanted to introduce myself, hello. To give you all some of my back ground. I was a WISP owner/operator for 8 years. I have used ubiquiti gear since it first was out and attended one of there first conf back in the day. I am a relatively new ham and have a strong background in PC, servers, & networking. We have been using mesh for some time now and are in the planning stages of deploying a county wide network. We have used mesh for a number of things from runs to our most notibale was helping the Sheriffs office get network video to there comms RV. 

Few things: 

1. If I can be of any assestant to anyone please feel free to contact me my email is kd8rbh at or my cell 740-203-9013. I do work a full time so please leave a vm or email response may be delayed. 

2. Under "regions" could you please add a Ohio section?

3. We have been doing a lot with serverless VoIP, where would be the best place to contribute some of that info at?


I think that is all for now, thank to all of you for your time and efforts!

Eli (kd8rbh)


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Nice to meet you Eli.

The Ohio section has been added to the Regional forums.

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Welcome AREDN Eli!  Glad to

Welcome AREDN Eli!  Glad to have to with us

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