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having trouble adding my RASPBX

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having trouble adding my RASPBX
So I have a RASPBX that I previously had set up on a node. we had a Key mountaintop node go down so I replaced it with my node that had the PBX on it. now with a new node at home, I am having issues getting the PBX accessible to the network.  here is my set up.  My rocketDish is set up with a NAT address  My PBX is on my same home network with an address of  I have port forwarded port 80, and port 5060 yet it is still not accessible from the Mesh network.  can someone help me figure out what else I need to do.

"It's not accessiblel what
"It's not accessiblel what isn't? The sip? The HTTP?  More info needed there, I am however assuming SIP for the rest of this.

General servers run best when they are not behind NAT, SIP included.  You may want to switch to direct mode because of this.

Secondly "RASPBX" is a very non-unique, you may have a clash of names on your network. Please attach a support data file to help understand your network (recommended pretty much anytime ok post a question related to a specific issue and not general information) and to verify that some other node on your network isn't using this name.

Assuming the above isn't your issue  check your EXTERNIP configuration in your asterisk server and make sure it's the mesh side IP address of the mesh node since your server is behind NAT it needs to send different info to clients (note: this may break connections directly attached to the server node I'm not 100% sure on that one)

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