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Have equipment but QTH

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Have equipment but QTH

Hey I have some ubiquiti devices that are compatible with AREDN firmware but im renting a 1st story apartment at an apartment complex.
At the moment they are just collecting dust so if anyone has a better QTH where I can setup some nodes that would be great bc it looks like Austin has only one node and nothing in south or central austin?

At the moment I have:
1 x Nanostation M2
3 x Nanostation M2 loco
1 x Rocket M5

Joseph Hutchins

Also I have decent amount of experience with linux embedded firmwares and embedded development and I would be happy to donate some time if you need extra manpower implementing some features or porting to new devices as they come available.

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I can't speak for them, but expect the AREDN developers to jump all over your offer of help :-D
Orv W6BI
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Welcome Joseph!
Welcome Joseph!

Take a look at our issue backlog here:
Jump in wherever appropriate and submit a pull request.

73, K5DLQ
Ok thank you!
Ok thank you!

I will take a look.


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