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Hardware selection

I'm rather ignorant so forgive me if this is obvious and I just don't see it. I am at the northern end of the local mesh and I would like to add my QTH to it. I'm looking for AP hardware that will allow me to connect to the mesh (I suspect with a gain antenna - yagi/parabola) and then use an omnidirectional antenna for local broader coverage that would allow others to extend beyond me. Preferably with the fewest number of pieces and using PoE Ethernet cable for power. Is there a dual port AP that will work like this or do I need 2 APs. Should the upstream leg be 2.4GHz and the local be 5GHz?

Thanks and 73
Danny K5CG
Plano, TX

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I would suggest a dish
I would suggest a dish antenna pointing to the nearest node, then, a Nanostation (or other sector) on a different band (or channel) to provide local coverage.

I need to do a path analysis from the nearest node to see what kind of gain antenna I'll need for the upstream leg.
Nearest AREDN Mesh Member

Danny -  There is a lot of AREDN active in Richardson.  Some of the guys meet for lunch 1200 Wednesdays at Sonny Bryan's BBQ on Campbell east of Coit Rd. Please drop in!
If you are near NW corner Custer and Legacy, your best shot is probably to the UTD AREDN node.  They have a sector antenna pointed north on the TAGER tower at UTD (270 ft up).  airLink predicts you could see it with a node at 6 ft.  If you have a second floor window that has a clear view to the south, a Nanostation M2 would probably work.  Gain antennas are better, of course. 
-- Tim K5RA

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