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HAP AC lite - wifi question

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HAP AC lite - wifi question

I am new to AREDN, I have a HAP AC lite connected to an LHG 5HP XL. Firmware flashed and I was able to connect to other mesh nodes in the valley (so I believe I am setup properly)

That said, I can only seem to access the hap ac lite router via a hardwired ethernet cable to my laptop. I was under the impression that the hap lite could produce its own wifi signal that I can connect to from the laptop.

I've messed with settings but can't seem to get it to work. I really don't want to have to use ethernet. Im sure I'm doing something silly, any suggestions?

Update: reset settings and the lan capabilities appeared. I was able to setup and use wifi. Thanks!

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No your laptop/computer needs

No your laptop/computer needs to be hardwired and connected to a node or you can use the 5GHz HAP AC wireless access point included in the build but you need to setup the AP in the setup page of your node and you will also need a 5GHz capable laptop computer or smartphone.

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The hAP has two radios - one

The hAP has two radios - one on 2.4 GHz and the other on 5 GHz.  Each can only perform one function at a time.
The 2.4 GHz radio can be either:  A mesh node, OR a WiFi access point, OR a WiFi client.
The 5 GHz radio can be either:  A WiFi access point, OR a WiFi client.
Only one radio can be a WiFi access point, AND only one radio can be a WiFi Client at any given time.
When changing the function of one of the radios, you must remove the existing function from that radio, and save changes, and then you can add a function back to that radio.  After you have made whatever changes you were making then you must reboot for them to take effect - you will be told that.  All of this is on the setup page.

So, if you are DtD connected between your two nodes, you can access the hAP (and then the rest of the network) via either a wired connection on ports 2, 3, or 4, OR you could set up either band as a WiFi access point and connect via WiFi.  If your hAP wer to be AREDN connected on 2.4 GHz to a 2.4 GHz AREDN node (yea, I know that your other AREDN node is 5 GHz - so this is just for learning purposes), you could set up the hAP to be a 5 GHz WiFi access poing and connect your comptuer via WiFi or via a wired connection on ports 2 - 4.

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