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hAP AC Lite slow to boot

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hAP AC Lite slow to boot
I just flashed a new hAP AC Lite (RB952Ui-5ac2nD) with but it takes an exceptionally long time to boot up, more than 5 minutes.  Is this expected behavior for this device, or should it boot faster than that?  I also have a RBLHG-5nD with that boots up in less than a minute.
I've attached the support file for the hAP AC Lite (though dmesg looks like it only takes ~30sec from kernel start to link up, I'm not sure what's happening before there a UART console available on these?
Support File Attachment: 
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HAP Slow Boot
We have found that if there is a connection on the WAN port, the HAP AC Lite could take up to 10-15 minutes to boot up and be stable.
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Never seen mine take that
Never seen mine take that long - and both my hAPs have a wired WAN connection.  Normally the only time re-boot is for firmware updates (and I do almost every nightly), and about 4 minutes is pretty normal.
Huh.  I wonder if the
Huh.  I wonder if the bootloader gets stuck trying to discover a bootp/tftp server before failing back to its installed image?  After fiddling around with what I assume is a serial port on the board (marked 3.3V/TX/RX/GND) and hitting/holding the reset button in various combinations, I was unable to get any bootloader console output but somehow I got my board booting in ~30sec again.
The Mikrotik bootloader defaults to a "silent mode" with no UART output during boot.  Does the AREDN image retain the Mikrotik bootloader or does it have its own bootloader?

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