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hAP AC Lite, No Load

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hAP AC Lite, No Load
Is anyone having an issue with a new Mikrotik hAP AC Lite?  I received two new units recently.  The first one was a piece of cake.  The AREDN firmware loaded and configured nicely.  The second unit, not so pretty good.  I can get through the initial load with PXE.  When I bring it up again to configure and save, it comes back with the factory firmware.  Any thoughts?  I've tried all the tricks I know of.  Again the first one went fine.  Same procedure with the second and it will not retain the AREDN firmware.  I am using the current release of firmware, no nightly builds.  This thing is being as stubborn as a dead rock to be sure.
Thanks much,
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Check and see if they sent
Check and see if they sent you the correct model. I have had 2 different models from the same order. The boxes and the cases look the same. I didn't notice it until I tried to load the AREDN firmware. The same happened to W2DAN only a few weeks ago.
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I am not entirely sure what I changed, but this errant device finally submitted and it is now an AREDN Mesh node.  Early this morning the last attempt went just fine.
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The newer hAP-ac-lite can be finicky.
I also have issues loading hAPs from time to time. Sometimes I have to try it again. One time I even had to restart my laptop and go at it a third try - it worked perfectly then. And if I remember correctly it was the second one in a row that I was loading that day. It's just a little weird lately.

-Damon K9CQB
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Double Topic Post
Hey Jim,

Seems to be x2 topic's you posted that are the same.
I just am going to comment .. I posted in the other Topic window - w/my 2 cents.

Robert - N3BZ

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